European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR) 2021 highligts: a focus on methotrexate

Neljä videota, joissa professori Peter Taylor (Oxfordin yliopisto) kertoo tärkeimmät uutiset EULAR 2021 -konferenssista keskittyen etenkin metotreksaattiin.

1. Biomarkers and MTX mechanism of action

Regulatory T cell CD39 expression as a predictor of early remission-induced with methotrexate in new-onser RA.

2. Interpreting contemoporary clinical trials with a placebo +/- MTX comparator arm

Confounding affect of continued MTX in placebo arms of RA clinical trials – a post-hoc analysis of the randomized controlled trials.

3. Is there a value in sc MTX in patients with either inadequate respons or intolerance of oral MTX?

Should all patients trial subcutaneous MTX prior to commencing biologic therapy? – real world study.

4. Is there an optimum treatment strategy for drug tapering for patients on targeted therapy plus MTX who achieve a sustained disease activity target?

  • Effect of withdrawing etanercept or MTX on PROs in RA pts in remission on combination therapy: results from the SEAM-RA trial.
  • The context of a MTX withdrawal study among patients with RA treated with tofacitinib 11 mg once daily + MTX post hoc analysis of data from ORAL shift.